Media Fusion | ElfHosted - 3.7.5-dev

This is a free, public, ElfHosted instance of the MediaFusion addon, for the r/StremioAddons community (rate-limits apply).
ElfHosted is an open-source PaaS built and run by geeks, which self-hosts your favorite streaming apps for you automatically and easily. Individual, hosted MediaFusion instances are available (with more relaxed rate-limits) from $0.15/day, with $10 free credit for new accounts.

Why use ElfHosted addons?

🔎 Advanced Scraping Capabilities

Tap into a world of content with our enhanced scraping features:

  • 🏎ī¸ Formula Racing: Exclusive scraping from TorrentGalaxy for all your racing needs.
  • 🏈🏀⚾âšŊ🏒🏉🎾 American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Rugby/AFL, and Other Sports: Now all scraping through
  • đŸŽĨ TamilMV: Specialized scraping for regional contents.
  • 🌟 TamilBlasters: Dedicated access to an extensive library of regional content.
  • đŸ“ē TamilUltra & MHDTVPlay: Get the best of Live TV channels right at your fingertips.
  • 🔄 Prowlarr Integration: Supercharge your scraping streams with Prowlarr's powerful integration.
  • 🌊 Torrentio/KnightCrawler Streams: Optional scraping streams directly from Torrentio/KnightCrawler streams for even more variety.

đŸŽŦ Streaming Provider Integration

Seamless playback from a diverse array of torrent and cloud storage services:

  • đŸ“Ĩ Direct Torrent (Free)
  • 🌩ī¸ PikPak (Free Quota)
  • 🌱 (Free Quota)
  • ☁ī¸ OffCloud (Free Quota)
  • đŸ“Ļ Torbox (Free Quota)
  • 💎 Real-Debrid (Premium)
  • 🔗 Debrid-Link (Premium)
  • ✨ Premiumize (Premium)
  • 🏠 AllDebrid - Local Only / ElfHosted - (Premium) (Note: AllDebrid works only when running the addon locally or use ElfHosted version)
  • 🔒 qBittorrent - WebDav (Free/Premium)

🛠ī¸ Enhanced Additional Features

Our addon comes packed with features designed to elevate your streaming experience:

  • 🔒 API Security: Fortify your self-hosted API with a password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • 🔐 User Data Encryption: Encrypt user data for heightened privacy and security, storing only encrypted URLs on Stremio.
  • 📋 Watchlist Catalog Support: Sync your streaming provider's watchlist directly into the MediaFusion catalog for a personalized touch.
  • ⚙ī¸ Stream Filters: Customize your viewing experience with filters that sort streams by file size, resolution, seeders and much more.